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Who are Norton and Sons Construction?
Norton and Sons Construction are based in Weston Super Mare, North Somerset. We are a professional bricklaying & stonemasons who liaise closely with clients and supervisory authorities to ensure that completion targets are met on time and within budget.

Please see our projects section for examples of completed work and works in progress.


What do we do?
Norton and Sons Construction also undertake all types of small building work including extensions, restoration, alterations, modernisations, grant work, bathrooms, kitchens, showers, UPVC Windows & fascia, and landscaping, repairs, renovation, refurbishment, electrical work, plumbing services, gas, carpentry, plastering, tiling, patios and fencing.

Please see our projects section for examples of completed work and works in progress.


Health and Safety
As a successful construction company we are committed to quality craftsmanship and safeguarding the environment. We only work under the highest levels of protection needed to ensure the health and safety of our customers, employees and the community.


Plot 1 Stoke Sub Hampdpn Thatched CottageArticle from Countryside Residential Magazine
by Terry Fielding

The thatch sits well on top of walls built in the local Ham stone, which is quarried on Ham Hill, overlooking the village of Stoke Sub Hamdon. The concept for the development design was carried out by the Architect to the Duchy of Cornwall, William Bertram who was adamant that we use the local Ham stone.

Barley Twist ChimneyOur joint development with the Duchy of Cornwall at Stoke Sub Hamdon is looking a treat with the thatched cottage Plot 1 being admired by both the locals and potential purchaser visitors. We have regular monthly meetings on Location with William Bertram and Tim Grey from the Duchy, and at last months meeting William was for some reason showing particular interest on the building stage of a terrace of three dwellings.
With hard hats and a clip board, notes were accumulating at a rate of knots. Such as 'Where's the boundary for this plot'? 'Does that large Walnut tree fall within the boundary of the plot'? 'Are the kitchen specifications as per the show house'? 'What finish did we agree on for the external doors'? etc,etc. Eventually I asked William why was he showing particular interest in plots 12, 13 and 14 his reply was 'Because I intend to buy them, as a letting investment'. And so he did. As you would imagine all who had input, especially the Location staff were extremely pleased with the notion that we must be getting it right if the architect buys three.

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